Thanks a lot! -Jesse
These are actual comments from our satisfied customers
Once again, thank you so much, the jacket is a perfect fit and distressed look is perfect. Im so pleased with it. Thanks again. Shawn
Thank you so much, the jacket has arrived and it's amazing. I'm so
pleased with it.
Thanks for the speedy reply and extremely helpful input. Thanks again for your help, I appreciate it. Ketty_man
Thank you for your service. AJ Puedan
I love it-it's great! Nicholas Grider
Hi Eddie, Yep - got it today! The fabric is perfect! Thank you so much! Picture to come :) -Laura
Eddie, I have received the jacket and have already successfully escaped from it twice! Thank you very much! Zhenya
I think your straight jackets are the best deal I have ever seen thanks! Riley Bock
I was checking out your is impressive. Stephan
Great, thank you! Adam
Hello, I absolutly LOVE the straight jacket and the fact that it's real! Shirley
The package has arrived and I like it as it fits perfectly! thanks! good service and quality!! if anyone else would want a straight jacket i'll recommended ye! Feylin Nya’ku
My straight jacket came today... and I couldn't WAIT to try it on! I LOVE IT!!! I'm actually amazed by how comfortable it is. I was anticipating it to be very unpleasant to wear. All the seems are
beautiful and the material you are working with seems to be very high
quality. You do very nice work! It's been a pleasure, TyLean
I sent $120 as a tip for the custom work. I wish it could be more but I'm close to broke, lol. Let me know when you receive that. Thank you so much for your patience and help, I really appreciate this you are going to make my Halloween really cool this year. I bet you are busy with requests! Veronica Wells
Nicholas Grider
Laura Henderson
I just wanted to thank you again for providing me with a lovely straight jacket for my album cover. If you want to see the artwork, there are several places to do so. (I can send you a copy of the album when I get them back from the manufacturer as well). TyLean Hixson
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