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The Joker's Straitjacket

We have many styles available and, as always, our jackets are fully customizable. I have been a Batman fan for years, and each comic features a different style of straitjacket. I have seen a dozen variations of the Joker's straitjacket, so this is primarily a custom piece. This jacket comes any way you want it for one flat low price. Let us know how you want this one.

The standard will be the purple fabric and green straps, if you don't tell us otherwise, that is what we will ship. If that is not what you want, please let us know right away
Only $99.95!

Please contact me 912-604-1435 or at .


Front chest strap

Scarecrow's Strait Jacket
Again there are many variations of this straitjacket from the film and from the comics. This is my personal favorite and the jacket that spawned the ever-popular Trenchcoat Jacket. This is one of our proudest and best sellers. We love it - so will you. This jacket is reversible and can be worn from the front or the back. It comes in the trenchcoat style with heavy cotton straps on the back, leather straps for the arms, no chest or crotch strap It also is distressed to look old and worn, and the mask is included as well.

Please contact me at (912) 604-1435 or at

Let us know how you want this one.
Only $225!
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We Sell Quality Straightjackets!
Our straitjackets make Great HALLOWEEN Costumes!!!
Our straitjackets make Great HALLOWEEN Costumes!!!
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