These Mini Jackets are cute and fun! They are great for gifts or for improving your teddy bear's wardrobe. This is also great for when your stuffed animals get out of line and need to be disciplined! These mini straitjackets are made exactly the same as our real standard straitjackets, but are scaled down.

The standard size fits most stuffed animals.


Only $29.99! This makes a great gift!

Mini Jacket
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The Trenchcoat Jacket
Very similar to the scarecrow jacket, just simpler. A really popular and downright cool item. The most popular colors are the stone color shown and of course black, but can be made in any color. Reversible so it can be worn as fashion for an evening out or as a standard style strait jacket. This can be customized as well, so just email and ask us.
Only $159.95!
McGee's Alice Jacket
This is a unique concept creation, but a pretty straight forward design for a straitjacket. This one is special beacuse the straps run across the full length of the body both horizontally and vertically and can be padlocked in several areas for added security. I don't think it is possible to escape from. Also this one can be customized anyway you like so just ask or let us know how you want it.
Only $249.95!
The Jackal's Jacket
From the movie comes one of the most intricate and hardcore strait jackets ever. This one has straps everywhere, is made maximum strength, and includes all extra options. It even has eyelets which allow airflow to reduce the heat from long term wear. This thing is intense and one of the wildest straitjackets you'll ever find. It takes about a month to make.
(crazy face not included)
Only $449.95!
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Our straitjackets make Great HALLOWEEN Costumes!!!
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Our straitjackets make Great HALLOWEEN Costumes!!!
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