For a small additional fee any of our jackets can be made extremely sturdy, with our maximum strength option.

We triple the stitching, we add extra straps, and we add additional reinforcement for the fabric. We include side loops to prevent the arms from moving in addition to the chest strap which keeps the arms from going over the head.

We use a strong heavy duty canvas, and specialty straps and buckles. The most important problem we address is the fabric tearing under consistent heavy strain. Our stitching and reinforcement helps to prevent this eventual inevitability. Our jackets have been in constant performance for years with this option.

With this option we use 2 additional straps in back, and 2 side loops in front, and an additional crotch strap, so a total of 5 straps in back, plus the arm strap, chest strap, 2 crotch straps, and 2 side loops. (11 Straps total)

These are suitable for restraining even escape artists.

This option is CUSTOMIZABLE!!! Maybe you don't want all the straps, maybe you just want it to be secure but not too bulky. Let us know so we can make this for you. Magicians...we have special options just for you so contact us!

Only an additional $49.95.
Maximum Security Option
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We Sell Quality Straightjackets!
Our straitjackets make Great HALLOWEEN Costumes!!!
Our straitjackets make Great HALLOWEEN Costumes!!!
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