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We Sell Quality Straightjackets!
Our straitjackets make Great HALLOWEEN Costumes!!!
Our straitjackets make Great HALLOWEEN Costumes!!!
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We have developed a new method where we can print any graphic you like and sew it onto your jacket. We print onto our canvas any image or text that you want and sew it directly onto the jacket where ever you want it.

This is a high quality process and the results look amazing. Generally we use stencil type lettering, but any font or image can be printed. There are infinite variations or styles that people choose to have printed on the jacket, often a Name, for a person or band, or INMATE, or ASYLUM. Etc.

Just email us any image you want on the jacket and it is done. We are happy to accomodate most custom designs. Some images have to be editted, and we may ask to change formats or colors depending on our abilities.

Only an additional $20