For a small additional fee we can add a few extra straps to any of our straitjackets. We can add an extra crotch strap, side or shoulder loops, etc.

If you have something new or creative in mind we can probably do it if you ask. Often it is a good idea to call or contact us with any custom work.

The nylon basic straps are only $20 for a set of two and come in any color, when you order this your jacket also gets an extr an reinforcement strap on the inside so that your straps and buckles are sewn to a strong webbing instead of just on the fabric.

Extra Straps Option
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We Sell Quality Straightjackets!
Our straitjackets make Great HALLOWEEN Costumes!!!
Our straitjackets make Great HALLOWEEN Costumes!!!
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Set of two Basic Extra Straps w/reinforcement strap $20


Leather Extra Straps $25. for

a set of two